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Bold and assertive.
Strength and structure.
A new Eclipse is here.

But just like the real thing, this rare phenomenon can only be experienced for a limited time.

The Region: Veneto, Italy

Located in Northeast Italy, just north of Venice. The Veneto stretches across most of the northern reaches of the Adriatic Sea. The Veneto is known to experience hot summers and cool winters, and thanks to its proximity to the sea, less extreme weather than other Northeastern regions. Silty, sandy soil prevails throughout the Veneto, with influences of clay and calcareous debris. The Veneto produces the most wine in volume in Northeast Italy.

The Wine:

Deep ruby color with aromas of plum, smoke and spice. Rich flavors of dark fruit, chocolate, and cedar with lingering oak and a firm, long finish.

Food Pairing:

Forza pairs wonderfully with braised meats and rich risottos. Avoid foods with spicy heat which will be amplified by the high alcohol. Choose a dish that is of equal weight so that it is not
overpowered by the fullness of the wine.

Style: Bold Red
Body: Full
Oak: Heavy
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 16%


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